The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is an authority governing food and allied items quality standards in India. It has issued a notification on 16.03.2021 which says that the food and water testing reports from government recognized laboratories will be considered for the purpose of awarding hygiene rating certificate to the eligible food business.

FSSAI Registration is applicable to all types of packaged water for drinking hence a Water Testing Report has become

mandatory for few licenses which are applied through FSSAI.

What does the notification say?

The Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) 2019 amendment states that as per the Gazetted Notification on FSS (Food Product Standard and Food Additives) Amendment Regulation related to Drinking Water offered or sold through water vending machine and includes:

Drinking Water (Purified).-

(1) Means water, other than packaged drinking water and natural mineral water which is offered or sold through water vending machine.

(2) Drinking water (purified) shall be clear without any sediments, suspended particles and extraneous matter which shall also comply with the requirements of Indian Standards, IS:10500.

Why do you need a Water Testing Report?

The FSSAI registration process for any food business requires this report as per government mandates. The form for registration cannot be submitted without uploading this document. The FSSAI will issue license only after they are assured that the place where the food business is implanted has water facilities free from contamination and it must contain adequate minerals and nutrients required for safe and healthy consumption.

Also the packaging material(if any) used is food grade certified container as prolonged packaging enables water to acquire its properties thereby making it unfit for consumption. Once the verification process is complete the license is issued to the business assuring government standards of health and food safety.

Where should you get it from?

The Water testing report can only be obtained from an FSSAI recognized and NABL accredited laboratory. It is essential that the sample which is obtained for testing is done by the certified laboratory with adequate details mentioned. Incase the same is not followed the form is subject to rejection or resent for revision.

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