What is the nature of this agreement?

It is a written contract between the employer and the employee defining the terms of employment entered into between the two parties. It protects the rights of both the employer and the employee. One must start their relationship as an employer and employee as it protects the interest of both in the workplace.


Why should an employer invest in it?

Many startups and companies often ignore the formal contractual procedure as it appears a daunting task. However, in the long run, an employee is protected from undue harassment from the employer and the employer does not have to suffer losses for the company on the account of the hired employee.

One must wisely choose the terms and conditions to be incorporated in the agreement as it defines not only the nature of work and remuneration but working conditions and capabilities of both the employer and the employee.


1. The designation of the employee - the post for which the employee is hired for work must be clearly written in the defining terms of the agreement.

2. Tenure of employee’s work -whether the employee is hired for a temporary period, has employment constituting full-time service or part-time service must also feature in the agreement.

3. Nature of work - the kind of work that an employer expects from the employee during the tenure of employment must also be clearly laid down.

4. Remuneration- compensation paid for the work done, possible deductions and scope of enhancement should feature in this clause.

5. Holidays and engagements -Both the hours of engagement and lits of holidays must be according to the Labour laws of the country and must be drafted carefully. Any additional benefits to be given is the discretion of the employer.

6. Termination -if the employee wants to leave the organisation or the employer wishes to replace the employee it must be within a proper framework which the agreement must state clearly.

7. Confidentiality - it is an important clause where the work done at the organisation familiarises the workmen with the style and concept which often are trade secret, this clause enables that the information is kept between the individuals working for the organisation.

8. Other legal clauses-A proper professional draft would incorporate other important legal clauses which ensure that the workplace and work are safeguarded legally and any glitch which occurs can be solved amicably without any future disputes.

Why choose us to prepare a ready-made draft for your business?

We understand your industry and have experts who would prepare a solid agreement to best satisfy your needs and overcome your challenges. Any amendments which you think should be incorporated in later stages should always be with the consent of both the employee and employer.

Our services ensure that we verify the details of your employee, prepare their personalised employment agreement, deliver what you expect and be available in the future if any preventive measures or questions pop up in your mind. All you have to do is put your and your employees' signature, rest of the job is secured through our experts, saving the time, effort and future possibility of dispute in the organisation.

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